Climax and Gay Tantra massage in Barcelona


The blissful climax

The soul –your soul– is closer than we thought to our body pleasure points. And tantric and thai massage are techniques proved to awaken and connect these points. Culture and religions have always tried to disconnect them from each other.

People who choose Paco to enjoy a gay erotic massage in Barcelona recover this connection. The perineal area and the testicles –among other– are the spots to trigger a pleasure that Paco will spread through each and every tissue of your body.

Hunger for climax

Just as a fast meal can kill hot hunger, conventional pleasure practices can appease the urge to reach a climax. But those quick releases are unable to bring deep satisfaction.

The effects of Paco’s massage are intense and lasting, and yet after some time there are many men who still remember and desire to live again “the Paco experience”.

We treasure unique and revealing moments in life. And Paco's tantric massage belongs to this intimate sphere.

A special pace

Paco will use his special massage pace to calm you down. You will first achieve a deep relaxation. The massage will transform into a very sensual experience, and slowly you will feel more and more aroused.

Depending on the menu you choose you will feel more relaxation, more sensuality or a more intense eroticism. Again, it is you choosing what kind of experience you wish to enjoy.

Tantra and gayfriendly

Tantra has not always been “gayfriendly”, especially since very ancient religions have used the homoerotic taboos to fight homosexuality. Tantra has partially been a —secret— exception to this, thanks to its closed society tradition.

Other religions have underrated and limited Tantric ideas, techniques and practices.

One hour = 60 minutes

While other masseurs call 45 minutes “one hour”, or stop doing their bodywork as soon as the customer reaches his climax, Paco, Tyson and Matt work exactly for 60 or 90 minutes, or even a bit more, depending on your request.


The experience Paco, Tyson and Matt deliver is like a dialog with your body. They can feel his customer, and constantly adapt to what seems more pleasant to him.

Natural talent

Paco, Tyson and Matt think that a Tantra masseur has to adapt to his customers’ preferences. No tantric masseur should force a man to remain confined in a studio or in a hotel room during 4 hours to complete the whole Tantra ritual.

These gay tantric masseurs are aware of their customer’s needs, and developed a special massage menu that can be an amazing experience in just 90 minutes or concentrated into one hour.

To climax or not to climax

While other masseurs in Spain force you to climax, and other tantrikas don’t even want to hear about it, Paco, Tyson and Matt let you decide. You can keep or explode your energy as you prefer.

Is it sex?

Tantra massage does not involve any oral or anal sex. You will discover how powerful your orgasms can be avoiding what we call regular sex.

Happy ending?

After such an intense experience your body and mind need to “come back” to reality using a specific sweet and relaxing massage.

Paco’s stats

  1. 40 years old

  2. 6 feet 1 tall

  3. 92 kg

  4. Hairy body

  5. Goatee

  6. No tatoos

  7. Training muscle 3 x week

And more

  1. German looking, professional, discrete, disciplined

  2. Spanish passionate drive

  3. Brazilian sensuality and sweetness

  4. Oriental peaceful spirituality

Price list 2018

Check the different massage menus, starting at 120 € for one full hour. Enjoy the most erotically intense massage!

Direct cell phone

and WhatsApp

Paco: +34 676 648 226



24/7 from monday to sunday.


+34 676 648 226 (Paco)

Answering 9 AM to 12 PM

Hotel outcalls

24/7 from Monday to Sunday Please book before 11 PM


Please call to ask for each masseur’s specific address.